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was a nonfiction speech by Bram Stoker. According to notices placed in the "Prospective Arrangements" sections of the January 16, 1909 and January 23, 1909 issues of The Times, London, it was delivered at the Hotel Cecil before a meeting of the Playgoers' Club. According to the January 23, 1909 notice, H.B. (Harry Brodribb) Irving, the eldest son of Henry Irving, was scheduled to preside over the meeting.

Periodical publication

This speech was first published as a nonfiction article in the October 1, 1909 issue of The Fortnightly Review, Chapman and Hall, Limited, London, and Leonard Scott Publications Company, New York.

The Fortnightly Review

Book publication

"Dead-Heads" was first published in book form in June 2002 in A Glimpse of America: and other Lectures, Interviews and Essays a 170 page paperback by Desert Island Books, Essex.


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    The Times, January 23, 1909

    The Times, London, January 23, 1909

    The Fortnightly Review, October 1, 1909

    The Fortnightly Review, London & New York, October 1, 1909


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