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The Nineteenth Century

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The Nineteenth Century: A Monthly Review

was a British monthly literary magazine founded in March 1877 by Sir James Knowles. It was first published in the UK by Henry S. King & Co., London, and in the US by Leonard Scott Publications Co., New York. In January 1901, the title was changed to The Nineteenth Century and After. In January 1951 it was changed again to The Twentieth Century. It was published under this title until 1972.

Pieces by Bram Stoker

From 1890 to 1911 Stoker published a total of five articles in The Nineteenth Century: A Monthly Review. These five articles are:
  • 1890 "Actor-Managers"
  • 1908 "The Question of a National Theatre"
  • 1908 "The Censorship of Fiction"
  • 1909 "The Censorship of Stage Plays"
  • 1911 "Irving and Stage Lighting"
  • Publication image
    The Nineteenth Century

    The Nineteenth Century, March 1877


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