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Lord Castleton Explains

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"Lord Castleton Explains"

was first published, along with three illustrations, as "Chapter X" of the serial novel The Fate of Fenella in the January 30, 1892 issue of a weekly newspaper called The Gentlewoman: The Illustrated Weekly Journal for Gentlewomen, London. The Fate of Fenella was an experimental novel with a different author writing each of the twenty-four chapters.

Book publication

The Fate of Fenella was first published in the UK in three volumes in May 1892 by Hutchinson & Co., London. A few months later is was rereleased in a cheaper single volume edition. It was first published in the US in a single volume in November 1892 by Cassell Publishing Co., New York.

First edition book cover

The Fate of Fenella UK Book Cover

Hutchinson & Co., London, 1892
(Three volume edition)

Other first edition covers


"Lord Castleton Explains" was published as an excerpt in 1982 in the short story collection Shades of Dracula: The Uncollected Stories of Bram Stoker, William Kimber, London. In 1990 it appeared in Midnight Tales, Peter Owen Publishers, London.

Alternate titles

When The Fate of Fenella was published in The Gentlewoman in the UK and as a novel in the US the chapter written by Stoker was called "Chapter X." When it was published as a novel in the UK the name was changed to "X. Lord Castleton Explains." In 1990 when "Chapter X" was republished as a short story in Midnight Tales the title was changed to "A Deed of Vengeance?" by the editor.

Incorrect information

The editor of Shades of Dracula: The Uncollected Stories of Bram Stoker claimed that this serial novel appeared in 1892 in Cassell's Magazine, London and New York. However, a careful search has shown that The Fate of Fenella was not published in that magazine.


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  • Newspaper image

    The Gentlewoman, January 30, 1892

    The Gentlewoman, London, January 30, 1892

    Early publication notice

    The Fate of Fenella Publication Notice

    The Westminster Budget, London, February 9, 1893
    (Click image to enlarge)

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