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Greater Love

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"Greater Love"

is a short story by Bram Stoker. It was first published, along with two illustrations by A. C. Michael, in the October 1914 issue of The London Magazine, The Amalgamated Press Ltd., London. It also appeared, without any illustrations, in the November 1915 issue of People's, Street & Smith, New York and London.

Book publication

"Greater Love" was later republished in 2009 in the short story collection Four Romances by Mr. Bram Stoker, The Swan River Press, Dublin.


This short story is available as a:
  • Free text download
  • Free PDF download
  • Free PDF download (The London Magazine)
  • Free PDF download (People's Magazine)
  • This story can be purchased online in a short story collection in:
  • Booklet Four Romances by Mr. Bram Stoker
  • Kindle Edition The Uncollected Tales of Bram Stoker
  • The short story by itself can purchased online in:
  • Kindle Edition Greater Love
  • Magazine image

    The London Magazine, October 1914

    The London Magazine, London, October 1914 *

    People's, November 1915

    People's, New York and London, November 1915

    * This cover is from a colonial edition of The London Magazine. It is identical to the UK edition except that the cover date has been changed from October to November and there is no cover price.

    Special thanks

    I would like to thank Patrick Scott Belk of The Pulp Magazines Project for taking the time to scan his copy of People's magazine and send me the images. I would also like to thank John Eggeling of the UK for providing me with information on the colonial edition of The London Magazine.


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