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Our New House

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"Our New House"

is a short story by Bram Stoker. It was first published in the UK on November 23, 1885 in the 1886 edition of The Theatre Annual: Containing Stories, Reminiscences and Verses, Carson & Comerford, London, edited by Clement Scott. Although the date on the publication page of this annual is 1886 it was actually published and released in the third quarter of 1885 in anticipation of Christmas and New Year sales. This story was first published in the US in the December 20, 1885 issue of the Boston Herald, Boston.

The Theatre Annual (periodical)
Boston Herald (periodical)

Newspaper publication

After its appearance in the Boston Herald, "Our New House" was reprinted in at least nine newspapers across the US. It appeared as follows:
  • The Saginaw Evening News, East Saginaw, MI, January 14 - 15, 1886
  • Daily Evening News, Jeffersonville, IN, January 20, 1886
  • Defiance Democrat, Defiance, OH, February 4, 1886
  • The Spirit of the Times, Batavia, NY, February 6, 1886
  • The Clinton Courier, Clinton, NY, February 10, 1886
  • Titusville Morning Herald, Titusville, PA, March 2, 1886
  • The Janesville Daily Gazette, Janesville, WI, March 6, 1886
  • Lowell Daily Courier, Lowell, MA, March 10, 1886
  • The Spectator, Rushford, NY, June 17, 1886
  • Book publication
    "Our New House" was first published in book form in 2009 in the short story collection Four Romances by Mr. Bram Stoker, The Swan River Press, Dublin.


    This short story is available as a:
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  • Booklet Four Romances by Mr. Bram Stoker
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  • Kindle Edition Our New House
  • Magazine image

    The Theatre Annual, November 1885

    The Theatre Annual, London, November 1885

    Newspaper image

    Boston Herald, December 20, 1885

    Boston Herald, Boston, December 20, 1885


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