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To the Rescue

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"To the Rescue" is a very short story by Bram Stoker. It was first published in the UK in the April 22, 1908 issue of The Westminster Gazette, London.

Newspaper publication

After its appearance in The Westminster Gazette, "To the Rescue" was reprinted under the title "To the Rescue - The Engulphed Horse - An Italian Sketch" in at least three newspapers in Australia. It appeared as follows:
  • The Colac Herald, Colac, Victoria, July 3, 1908
  • West Gippsland Gazette, Warragul, Victoria, July 14, 1908
  • The Young Chronicle, Young, NSW, July 29, 1908
  • The Dungog Chronicle, Dungog, NSW, May 26, 1911
  • Periodical publication
    "To the Rescue" was later republished by Paul S. McAlduff and John Edgar Browning under the title 'Bram Stoker's "Lost" Sketch: "To the Rescue" in the 2014 Vol. 57 No. 3 issue of English Literature in Transition 1880-1920, ELT Press, Greensboro, NC.


    This short story is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (The Westminster Gazette)
  • The short story by itself can purchased online in:
  • Kindle Edition To the Rescue
  • Newspaper image

    The Westminster Gazette, April 22, 1908

    The Westminster Gazette, London, April 22, 1908


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