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Buried Treasures

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"Buried Treasures"

is a short story by Bram Stoker. It was first published, along with two illustrations, in 1875 as a serial in The Shamrock, Irish National Newspaper and Publishing Co., Dublin, a weekly newspaper that specialized in literature and the arts. The story appeared in two issues of The Shamrock with the first installment appearing on March 13, 1875 and the last on March 20, 1875.

The Shamrock (periodical)

Book publication

"Buried Treasures" was first published in book form in 1999 (along with Stoker's first novel The Primrose Path) as part of a 128 page hardcover published by Desert Island Books, Essex. The books itself is a 128 page hardcover with a black cloth cover stamped on the spine in gold. It was released with a dust cover that included one of the illustrations from The Shamrock.


This short story is available as a:
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  • Free PDF download (The Shamrock)
  • This short story can be purchased online along with The Primrose Path in:
  • Hardcover The Primrose Path
  • It can also be purchased online in a short story collection in:
  • Kindle Edition The Uncollected Tales of Bram Stoker
  • The short story by itself can purchased online in:
  • Kindle Edition Buried Treasures
  • Newspaper image

    The Shamrock, March 13, 1875

    The Shamrock, Dublin, March 13, 1875


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