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Lady Athlyne

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Lady Athlyne

was Bram Stoker's tenth novel. The novel is a romance set in America and Europe. It was first published in the UK in 1908 by William Heinemann, London. The book itself is a 333 page hardcover with a red cloth cover stamped on the spine and front panel in black and gold. In the same year, this book was also published by Heinemann as a part of their Heinemann's Colonial Library series. This edition is a hardcover with a decorated cloth cover [1]. Lady Athlyne was first published in the US in 1908 by Paul R. Reynolds, New York. However, the only known copy of this book was deposited at the Library of Congress for copyright purposes. According to Dalby and Hughes, Lady Athlyne was published in the US in 1909 by Frank Lovell & Co., New York [2].

William Heinemann Ltd. (publisher)

First edition book cover

Lady Athlyne UK Book Cover

William Heinemann, London, 1908

Serial publication

After it was published as a hardcover in the UK, Lady Athlyne was reprinted in its entirety as a daily or weekly serial in at least seven newspapers across the US. It appeared as follows:

  • The Evening Star, Washington D.C., March 27 - May 13, 1909
  • Bridgeport Evening Farmer, Bridgeport, Connecticut, April 05 - May 14, 1909
  • Utica Daily Press, Utica, New York, April 9 - June 1, 1909
  • The Altoona Times, Altoona, Pennsylvania, April 24 - July 10, 1909
  • The Evansville Courier, Evansville, Indiana, June 7 - July 31, 1909
  • The Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, Iowa, July 4 - September 19, 1909 (weekly)
  • Abridged version
    An abridged version of Lady Athlyne was published as a serial in at lest one US newspaper. It appeared as a daily serial (except Saturdays) in thirty-three issues of the Fort Worth Star - Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas, with the first installment appearing on April 26, 1909 and the last on June 2, 1909. Unlike the original novel, this edition contains only twenty-one chapters. It is unknown whether the abridgment was done by Stoker or someone else.


    This novel is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (US hardcover edition)
  • Free PDF download (The Evening Star)
  • The abridged version is available as a:
  • Free PDF download (Fort Worth Star - Telegram)
  • This novel can be purchased online as a:
  • Paperback Lady Athlyne
  • Early publication notice

    Lady Athlyne Publication Notice

    The Evening News, London, June 3, 1908
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    [1],[2] Dalby, Richard and William Hughes. Bram Stoker: A bibliography, Essex: Desert Island Books, 2004, p72.


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