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Snowbound: The Record of a Theatrical Touring Party

was Bram Stoker's second collection of short stories. It is a collection of fifteen stories that are tied together as a series of stories told by the members of a touring theater company on a snowbound train. Although the stories are connected in this book, a few of them were previously published in newspapers in the US and UK as standalone short stories. This collection was first published in the UK in 1908 by Collier & Co., London. The book itself is a 256 page paperback with a picture of a snowbound train on the front cover. Snowbound: The Record of a Theatrical Touring Party was first published as a hardcover in the UK in October 1978 by Desert Island Books, Essex. This edition is a 160 page hardcover with a black cloth cover stamped on the spine in gold. This collection of short stories has never been published in English outside the UK. Photographs of the book's UK covers are available here.


Stoker spend over ten years working on this collections of short stories. According to the following item from the the Cleveland Plain Dealer Stoker began working on Snowbound long before it was published in 1908.

Snowbound Notice

Snowbound Notice

Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland, December 25, 1898
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The short stories from this book are available as free downloads:

  • Preface
  • "The Occasion"
  • "A Lesson in Pets"
  • "Coggins's Property"
  • "The Slim Syrens"
  • "A New Departure in Art"
  • "Mick the Devil"
  • "In Fear of Death"
  • "At Last"
  • "Chin Music"
  • "A Deputy Waiter"
  • "Work'us"
  • "A Corner in Dwarfs"
  • "A Criminal Star"
  • "A Star Trap"
  • "A Moon-Light Effect"
  • Availability

    They can also be purchased online in a:

  • Library Binding Book Snowbound (Collected Works of Bram Stoker)
  • Kindle Edition Snow Bound: The Record of a Theatrical Touring Party
  • Early publication notice

    Snowbound Publication Notice

    The Evening News, London, April 7, 1909
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